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Diagnostic Cube

A diagnostic cube, also referred to as a culinary diagnostic cube, is a device that resembles a 6 sided cube. Capable of detailed measurements of skin temperature, pheremones, and even blood composition, these cubes are common across the galaxy.

Before eating or drinking anything new, individuals should touch a cube and make sure that the chef or food synthesizor nearby is connected to the cube's readings. Beyond just preventing poisonings, this enables the individual to have food catered to meet both dietary and taste requirements.

Usually black in color, they can be customized to match the needs of any individuals esthetic requirements.

Manufacturing process

Manufactured only on Marelia. Manufacturing requires the intense pressures of the factory built on the floor of their ocean. While it is possible to replicate them in a standard replicator, the originals seem to function much more efficiently. Marelian Chefs will not use replicated diagnostic cubes.


Created by the Marelians as a way to test for food allergies and sensitivities, they have improved upon the technolgy to make it useful in a number of medical scenarios as well. In recent years it has been further improved to analyze an individual's tasts and cravings while making its initial scans.

The cubes store no data, however they do transmit the data to the nearest cube reader. What happens to the data from there varies.

It is said that a Marelian Chef can analyze complex readings from a diagnostic cube and create a meal that will satisfy your every desire while also healing the body from within. Many have reported that the satisfaction of eating a well prepared Marelian meal is nearly addictive.


This tiny device is one of the most critical elements in the galaxy as it prevents poisonings and increases the health awareness of all who use it.

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Item type
4 oz
1in x 1in x 1in

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