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Doctor Asheesh Singh Shrivastava (sh-r-ee-v-ah-s-t-uh-v-uh)

Dr. Shrivastava was born in Lucknow, India. He graduated from King George's Medical University in 1947. He immigrated to America and finished his medical education at the University of Pennsylvania medical school. He stayed in the US and retired from his successful medical practice in 1995.

Fascinated by science fiction and everything having to do with extra terrestrial life, Dr. Shrivastava spent his retirement years wondering about what life on other planets would be like, and what implications the discovery of alien life would have for humanity.

One of the health inspectors who came to review the 'port felt that it would benefit from having a doctor on staff and sent Dr. Shrivastava to apply, much to the relief of his wife who was tired of having him at home.

Dr. Shriva is a beloved member of the staff, and more than capable of dealing with emergencies that arise.

After becoming aware that the aliens seen wandering the 'port were often actually aliens, he made connections with medical professionals in the Galactic Alliance and has been asked to speak at several galactic medical symposiums.

With access to advanced technology and techniques not available to other doctors on Earth, he takes excellent care of the 'port's visitors and personnel.

He looks forward to the day when he can share his advances in medicine with the rest of the planet's doctors.

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