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Highly advanced 8-legged arachnoid race. They travel the galaxy in family units with tight bonds. Due to frequent persecution, they are wary of outsiders and have developed a philosophy of attack first, ask forgiveness only if needed.

Basic Information


Eight legs, an hourglass shaped body and many eyes and feelers on the head. Mouth includes mandibles.

Genetics and Reproduction

Egg-laying, they are a hive based culture focused around a central queen. They are all individuals with their own goals and desires, so while they live in a hive-like structure, they do not have a hive-mind or hive-mindset.

Growth Rate & Stages

The young grow rapidly and reach a level of maturity by 2 years of age. At this stage, they will be approximately 4 feet tall, when standing up on their rear legs. They continue to grow throughout their life. Queens are larger than the lower classes and have been know to grow up to 8 feet tall.

Dietary Needs and Habits

omnivores that require a high level of protien in their diet, preferrably raw

They naturally produce a venom that helps to break down their food for digestion.


Different social groups tend to clash, so they are constantly exploring and expanding their reach throughout the universe. They generally choose to live at peace with those around them, but cultural reactions to their appearance have taught them that it is often wise to defend themselves before they can be annihilated by fear.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Highly stratified culture based around classes. Each social unit will be focused around one queen and will have working members within the group of each class including laborers, scientists, medical personnel, and administrative personnel.

Facial characteristics

Many eyes, mandibles, and feelers on their head that they use for tasting and sensing.

Average Intelligence

Intelligence varies with the classes, with the queens being of the highest intelligence. Engineers and scientists posess intelligence and a high level of problem solving skills. Medical personnel are intelligent but often rely upon their intuition. Lower classes are not educated, but have been known to show high levels of intelligence as well.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They can taste emotions with their feelers.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Technologically advanced, they can be found throughout the galaxy.

Due to many species instinctive reaction, they have developed a unique technology that allows them to take on the physical traits expected by those around them. They also have the ability to change size in order to seem less threatening.

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spider queen in a dress
by Deleyna via Midjourney
Scientific Name
Araneae Sapiens
20 years
Average Height
6-7 feet


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They may not be so scary as long as your are on their food list. Although the tasting emotions part could be bad if they like the taste fear.

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They try to be very civilized... but they definitely DO like the taste of fear, and they are omnivores, so... everything is pretty much on the list...

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