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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Α settlement beside or in a great expanse
A total of 446 entries

Unnamed Northern Eastern Settlement of Meta

The Underwater City of Vaporean

Shis'trelton, Lake Amsorak

Communal Living - Inside the Great Settlements of Fransisco County

Warsaw Augmented Reality Manifold — WAR-M

Greenhalten, The Iconol Cliffs, and Kam Dieren

791.II, 12 Berelii: Hokarak, the desert's doorstep

Channel Valley Maritime Port

Floating Ocean City That Stinks Real Bad

Mori no Higashi/ 森の東

The Settlement Towers -- General

Murikah, The Knighted States of

Upper Cloudcrystal Hovertown

Fort Roraima, in the Mount Roraima Ark

ɑm foʊ̯ lueɪ̯mmef dsæo

Semi-Automated Tenala Outpost

Blyskaad, The Village at the Foot of the Mountain

Suwa-Isuaihovwenaparvu - Isle of Love, Hope and New Beginnings

The Floating Military City State of Atlantis