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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a person considered villainous or monstrous
A total of 249 entries

Captain Neville "Holler" Wesbridge

Nardeo, Tactician of Azazel's Blackguard

Holy Empress Lydia Radeken d'Alderac

Suiathion: Herald of Knowledge

Count Rolfe Rodrigo Schartenheiney the IV

Yoshihiro Alexander Drawahashi

Leo Hadrien, The Last Pontifex of the Andrytes

King Kalti IV: A Particularly Vile Monarch

Kek, Primordial God of Darkness

Fornradur Infernospit, The Red Emperor

Aneurin of the Zewhalish Empire

Sapphire Circe versus the Minotaur

Johannes "Hank the Tank" Morris

Doctor Orjuus Crowval-Gritzgale

Moloch, King of the Damned and Destroyer of Hope