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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a seat of power (of any kind!)
A total of 466 entries

Cyhlassad, Imperial Frontier capital

Udynean Imperial Palace Complex

The High Throne of Kikandrian

Aedes Ceranis - The Unconquerable Fist

Fhonaal'shenae -- The Foundational Temple

Temple of Áfawarsal in Wasäkawakal

Vortigern's Reach, Place of the Nebuletrum Seat

Bravidia - Beacon of the Middle Kingdoms

Mayrwych, The City Of Blossoms

The Socrates Group, Hierarchy.

The Galactic Corporate Imperial Palace

Yasca Mining Corporation Offices

Thedallia - Capital of Genesede

The Starbase of Interplanetary Union

The Hearkening Bulwark, Gate of the High Warden

Tempóju - Rengia's epicenter of trade

Lupinium - Seat of the High King

The Shrine of Seventy-Thousand Swords

Aurelia Prime: Seat of the Galactic Conclave

SC.2023.02. League Headquarters, Casho Arnd Federation

The seat of extraordinary and unbelievable power

Kaln Igni & The Throne of Heavens

The Radiant Citadel - A Throne of Light and Shadow

Seryvadrat, Faithful City risen from ruin

Smuggler's Rest & Dragon's Bottom