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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an important public announcement that one person addressed to many
A total of 174 entries

Die Antwort an den Golem Nalskars

Founding Speech of the First Princeps

Declaration of Unity Against the Ancients

Queen Sable's Great Migration Address


Founding of the Freebooter's Republic

A Statement from Damyan Varzand, Archbishop of Pelor and Representative of His Majesty the King of Darren

The Future of Coral Spire City

Lightbringer Revelations, i.796 a.1

Coronation Speech of King Ntiklon XIII

The Skoltari redemption by Elara Vespera

The First Global Broadcast of the CCS ft.Dusty Runeshine

Über die Entstehung der Sterblichen Völker

Soviet International Public Address, 2556

H.O.A.R.D. recruitment proclamation

Evelynn's Speech at the War of Mad Minds

Official Record of King Châtignory's Decree of Sanction pertaining to the Red Inquisition

Royal Proclamation of 1763

Dawn of 5627: The Queen's Address

The Tritise on Normals and Runic Lords

The Loss of the Youngest Grace

Prologue: King Ga'jam's Final Decree

Defeat of the Salt Swamp Monster

Surrender Speech of Crotaphi to the Grekelski Military

Moardaanische Freiheitserklärung

Queen Akonths Declaration in the Wake of the Draconic Resurgence

Edict for the modernization of the west city

Proclamation of the Founding of Calembar and the Unification of the Eight Clans

Taxonomy of shards, ghosts and magically induced manifestations

Imperial Decree of Appointment: Shadow Court

Proclamation of the Creation of the Majaran Empire

Magick decree of the God and Goddess

Dissolvement of Ci Scá Múnt

Treatise on Whaling and Similar Creatures

Press On! by Sen. Gordon Gaines.

'Nro Decree on the Successor of Ketapa

Seven Wonders of the Post-Apocalyptic World

SC.2023.37. The proclamation of silk

Appointment of Annabelle Catcott to Grand Cordon


Proclamation of War by King Ta'liote Myridos XIV of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance

Destiny Shattered: The Prophet of the Mother Speaks

Capitol Shift and Population Hold

Phoenixery is Available for Everyone

Declaration of Principles of the Free City of Tulwood

Askarian radio announcement of opening diplomatic relations

Artax IV and the Zhaporian Missive

Prince Dev's announcement on 5th of Crab Moon, 3441 S.E.

Breaking News Bulletin: Gilded Lady Slain

Opening of the Chamber of Curiosities

Ungendered and Multisexual Marriage Rights and Practices

An Address to a Grieving Nation

Demon King Ergirri Announcing his Nomination for His Successor

Proclamation of the First Human-Onian Peace

Announcement of Community Centers

The Invitation to The Vell

A mis pueblos-Deklaration vom 1. Jänner 1948

Declaration of War: Sivak Clan to Frostbane

Memorial Speech Given in the Aftermath of the Exodus

The First and Only Commencement Speech for the Grand Melee on Serpents Bay

A Decree Establishing the Kingdom of Sudland