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Althusian space bugs

Basic Information

Biological Traits

These 4 legged bug-like creatures lay eggs. Any individual is capable of transforming into a queen and starting a separate colony, so that if even one attaches to a vehicle, the species will find a home and begin to reproduce. This has led to a spreading of these creatures across the galaxy.

The only salvation is that they die of over-indulgence within a few days after entering an oxygen rich atmosphere.

They are capable of entering a hybernation phase in deep space, allowing them to live indefinitely in a phase of deep hybernation.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Male and female mate for life, and will join together forming a hard sphere when threatened. If they become disconnected from their host environment, they will seek each other out, forming brightly colored bubbles.

They do not seem to form larger colonies deliberately, but the pairs will swarm together in ideal environments.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Althusian Space Bugs can detect even the tiniest leak in the hull of a spacecraft. As a result, some races cultivate them in their airless space docks to locate air leaks.

Their body processes turn all waste material they create into thickening their shells.

Because of the beauty of their carapace, some cultures harvest them, bonding the bubles together permanently after removing the insides. These are then used as jewelry or ground into mineral rich raw material. Some cultures add this material to paint or other products.

Facial characteristics

Eye-less, they sport two large feather-like fealers with highly attuned sensing capabilities. Their mouth is a toothless sucker that will completely bond to a flat surface and capture any oxygen or other material that leaks from it.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Born in the highest altitudes on Althusia, they survive in areas with limited oxygen.

Average Intelligence

Extremely limited intelligence

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

They have acclimated to draw upon the resources expelled by other creatures. Any spacecraft leaving Althusian space is likely to carry at least one or two of these little pests with them.

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5 years or more
Average Length
5 inches
Average Physique

Half-sphere, bubble like creatures, they posess hardened shells capable of surviving against the cold and heat extremes of space travel.

Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

Underneath, their bodies are the color of dull metal. Their skin radiates different colors based on their surroundings, giving them a psychadelic and chameleon like appearance.


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