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Antares was once one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. Seen from space, it seems as blue as its people, but as you fly closer, drop below the clouds, you'll find that the land and ocean balance is fairly equal. Large sprawling continents are surrounded by equally large and often wild oceans.

The Antareans were originally amphibious, only in the last thousand years have they left the oceans and chosen to build their cities on land.

Some see this change as unfortunate given the Eridani propensity to drop bombs on any visible settlements on a world they seek to inhabit.

If you come to visit Antares, make sure to bring any needed supplies. The people are not unfriendly, but they are also not terribly welcoming of tourists or anything that detracts from the war effort. They have acknowledged that tourism does help the economy, and in a world as badly damaged as Antares is, any help is appreciated.

The climate tends to be on the cool side, with large areas of the planet covered in ice. Dress warm!

What to do when visiting:

  • The Antarean War College
  • Ship building facility on the northern continent - prior approval required
  • Explore the educational facilities
  • Take a lesson in martial arts
  • Explore the weapon factories*

*Note: Antarean weapons are restricted in some areas of the Galactic Alliance. Please check local ordinances before purchasing.

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