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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest title a manager can attain in Earth-based corporations. Humans see this person as revered and as having near god-like foreknowledge of events.

Trendsetters and power brokers, these individuals often rely on mystical gut instincts of dubious reliability. Those who succeed are rewarded. Those who fail are forgotten.



Generally those in the position have some form of management training, although it is possible to hold the position with little or no training at all. If someone is the founder of a company, they may become the CEO as the company grows into a corporate entity.

CEOs tend to be charismatic individuals, often capable of swaying the masses to believe whatever illusion they wish.

Career Progression

Those who choose the profession specifically, as opposed to those who fall into it by accident, generally go through a time of training and education. Then they take on management roles in organizations, similar to an apprentice in other professions. Once someone achieves greatness as a CEO, they can be recruited by other companies.

If a CEO's company is doing well, other companies, even competitors, may try to entice them to leave.

Some become very dedicated to their individual corporation while others are in it for the success, salary, and the power.

Payment & Reimbursement

A CEO's pay is tied to the profitability of their company with the most successful CEOs being offered higher salaries as a way of bribing them to take over a specific company.

Other Benefits

Benefits range from little to none with a small startup corporation to quite extravagant when dealing with the most successful corporations. In some ways, successful CEOs are a form of monarchy in Earth's society, but that power is fickle, easily being ripped away by a bad quarter's profits.

Benefits may include housing, healthcare, salaries, and even extended benefits for their families. Other perks include access to political figures and the ear of those in power.

Some CEOs have learned to leverage their exposure and have become folk heroes being seen as posessing more wisdom than they actually do, simply by the power that goes along with their position and their success.

In addition, they can be offered a variety of perks from those seeking to win their favor: discounts, prime seats at events, free admission to VIP only events, sexual favors, etc. These individuals are often courted for the power they are presumed to have.



A CEO is the person at the helm of a corporation, the person responsible for steering the course of an organization and making sure that it is profitable and effective.

Social Status

The social status of the average CEO is determined both by their effectiveness and the quality of the care they take of their personnel. If an orgnization fails, the CEO will carry the blame.


This is an elite position with those holding the position in large corporations carrying an unduly large influence on the society in general.

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Alternative Names
CEO, Coloquial: Boss or Big Boss (although not all bosses are CEOs)
Administration / Management

Each major corporation on Earth is traditionally run by a CEO. While the position itself is legal, CEOs have been known to engage in illegal activities in order to further the success of the corporation or to enhance their own personal power.

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