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Cookie is the cook at Blue's Bar. He is a creative chef, working with Blue to come up with new science fiction and fantasy inspired menu items. He has adapted very well to including alien ingredients into the menu and seems unphased by most anything that happens in the bar.

The busier things get, the more he seems to enjoy it. If you go into the kitchen while he's cooking, you'll see a slightly heavy-set, older man wearing a cook's basic uniform and a very stained apron. His manner is gruff and he'll throw you out of the kitchen quickly. No one is allowed in his kitchen for fear they'll contaminate the food, apparently.

In keeping with the atmosphere of Blue's Bar, he has some anamatronic octopus arms that he uses to put food up into the window, making the customers laugh.

He has a deep belief that food can be healing as well as satisfying. Whenever possible, he prefers to use a Diagnostic Cube so that he can understand the physical needs of his customers and address those as well as their culinary wishes.

He's adept at adding medicinal value to his food, so that when some of the human members of the 'port encounter their first alien, they are often brought to Cookie so that he can calm them down. He works with the medical team to keep everyone on the crew in the best health possible.

No one has ever seen him smoking, but he always sounds like he has a cigar in his mouth that he's talking around. He has a perpetual hoarse cough.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Brilliant chef

Vices & Personality flaws

Grumpy and prone to throwing things.


Always looks a bit sloppy. Looks like a short-order cook, overweight and scraggly.

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