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Cookie's Green Stripe Special

Employees of the Spaceport are issued a badge when they are hired. New employees generally have a red stripe across the bottom of their badge.

Some badges have prominent green stripes, and red-stripe employees assumed to mean these others have been promoted.

Instead, the green stripe represents a rite of passage, a stage in a person's emotional development and awareness of the universe around them.

A green stripe means an employee has encountered aliens and can be trusted to interact as acceptable representatives of humanity when interacting with aliens.

The green-stripe transition has been traumatic for some.

The Spaceport Crew Members celebrate this transition with a new badge and being sent to Blue's Bar for a very special meal.


The first human to realize that aliens were visiting the 'port had no support in adjusting to the new reality.

Once the staff realized that this would be a fairly common occurrence, they developed the badge system to differentiate who was aware of the aliens and who was not.

Cookie had been studying alien cuisine and its effect on humans. He recommended that all newly green-stripe employees be served a custom meal of truly alien origin as a celebration. He felt that turning the event from a trauma to a rite of passage would help the person adjust.

Eating this unique dish made special for each individual became both a celebration of their changed state and an opportunity to provide the occasionally needed chemical assistance during the transition. For example, Cookie has been known to add the medicinal black oil from Rigellian Lettuce seeds to salad dressings or sauces provided as part of this meal.


Once the employee is calmed down, they are issued a new badge and escorted to Blue's Bar. They are told to order Cookie's Green Badge special.

Blue asks them to touch a diagnostic cube that checks for potential allergic interactions and evaluates the person's overall biochemistry. Stress alters a human's chemistry in unpredictable ways and the cube can diagnose potential problems and suggest appropriate countermeasures.

The results are fed to Cookie via a direct link to his kitchen tracking system.

Cookie then prepares a customized meal using alien ingredients with necessary vitamin, mineral, and emotionally needed nutrients.

The meal is different for each individual, but often includes a vitamin boosting beverage that some have described as having the same effect as a stiff double shot of whiskey. While not intoxicating, the effect is often somewhat sedating.

Components and tools

Diagnostic cube - resembles a six-sided die, all black, with no markings.


Cookie, Blue, and the newly promoted employee

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