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Summer Arts Festival

Considered a way to test out new potential vendors for the more permanent shops in the 'port, this festival invites vendors from different areas of Earth and off-planet to bring their hand-made or unique wares to sell. All vendors are required to register at least a month in advance and pay a nominal fee to cover the cost of their booth. In addition, a percentage of their profits are paid to the 'port to facilitate upkeep and upgrades.

Typical booth items include costumes, hand-crafts, and art. Although some vendors bring general swap meet items, hoping to unload junk on the locals. It pays to be a discerning shopper. Rare artifacts are often found mixed within the junk, and it can be hard to know which is which.*

While food is not encouraged, it is allowed and controlled under strict requirements vetted by the Diagnostic Cubes before they can be sold. Check the cube to make sure you won't be poisoned before sampling.

Vendors compete to outdo each other with the elaborate wares, earning one of the prized spots.

The atmosphere during this event is festive and includes live performances by musicians from many different worlds.

Everyone who participates is essentially an amateur, seeking recognition that would get their act or product promoted at more prestigious venues. Vendors and performers are expected to pay their own way to the festival, however tips are encouraged and many successful ventures have been launched.

Popular products are often commissioned to be featured in the many gift shops on a more permanent basis.

*The Spaceport is seeking a galactic archaeologist to assist in classifying items.


Based on the Earth tradition of farmer's markets, this event has grown to include casual vendors from all over the galaxy.


Vendors come from all over the planet and from off world. They set up their stalls and sell to anyone who comes.


Every Saturday and Sunday during the Summer season in the area where the 'port is located.

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