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Transgalactic Recreation and Exploration Interconnection Nexus Vehicle

Travel through the space between is too expensive for most individuals. The TREIN is a series of platforms connected together that allow smaller personal vehicles to attach and be transported together through the dark. Each ship must be self-contained as only basic hookups are provided on most platforms.

Individuals can book passage on a TREIN in advance. The TREIN will emerge from the dark tunnel and stop at a Lighthouse or other station allowing the vehicles to attach to their designated spaces. Late-comers without a reservation may be allowed to take any unused space, provided they exit the TREIN before that space is filled by a future reservation.

The fee for these unplanned trips is reduced to make the best use of any available space.

Some TREINs allow for no-connection cling-ons at a drastically reduced rate. These travellers will merely connect to whatever space is available, however the connections are not always secure and travellers have found themselves coming disconnected in the dark, abandoned.

The TREIN will not stop for those lost in the dark, but may relay distress messages to other vessels.

The TREIN is owned by the Ciceronean Guides and manned by them as a way to further their mission of space exploration and bringing beings into connection with the space between.

Once the TREIN arrives at a destination, all who are leaving will simply disconnect and those boarding from that station will connect into the reserved or available slots. All connection processes are automated. If a ship is not compatible with the connections available, they are downgraded to a non-connected spot.

First-class travellers and those on connected spots arrive at their desired destination 99.9% of the time with only the rarest failure of connections. This is considered an extremely safe and affordable means of travel.

Unconnected travellers arrive at their desired destination 80% of the time, while cling-on survival varies depending on the route. This last method is considered unwise and is used in desperation by those fleeing wars and unrest.

The TREIN routes are considered to be loops. TREINs rarely stay in any station more than a few hours, continuously moving. Maintenance is done on a rotating basis with platforms and engines being rotated out at various Ciceronean Lighthouse installations spread throughout the universe.

Weapons & Armament

Equipped with the most powerful Ciceronean weaponry and shields, it is considered ill advised to attack a TREIN.

Communication Tools & Systems

All TREINs are in contact with at least one Lighthouse facility at all times.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Some first class sections contain replicater fuel and even entertainment feeds. On specialized long-distance TREINs, cryogenic feeds may also be available. Check for availability before booking passage.

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Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
5 crew with their families
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
varies depending on how many platforms are attached and the type of vehicles attached to the platforms

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