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Chickens are the best animal you can have on a spaceship! They're pets that help out on the ship and can provide a viable food source. Of course, I got mine from a friend. I have no idea who got them off the planet. No one would go there. Of course!
— anonymous captain

Chickens are native to the interdicted world of Earth. They have proven unusually adaptable creatures. As a result, chicken eggs have become one of the most sought after gifts from Earth. Do be aware that not all eggs are fertilized and an unfertilized egg is good only for eating.

If you can aquire a female (known as a hen) and a male (rooster), you will have the building blocks for a useful flock. Ideally, you should start with at least 3 hens and one rooster.

Basic Information


Chickens are a plump and tasty bird species with two legs and two wings. They are covered in feathers of a variety of colors.

Genetics and Reproduction

Chickens lay about one egg every day. This egg may or may not be fertilized. After about 20 days, depending on the incubation method, the fertilized egg will hatch into a chick. You will need a male and a female to aquire fertilized eggs.

Growth Rate & Stages

Chicks can stand, walk, and eat when they hatch from their eggs. After about 20 weeks, they will become mature and can begin laying eggs. Chickens live around 7 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Chickens like to live in a well-lit space and light will encourage them to lay eggs.

Chickens have very little natural defenses against predators, so make sure you keep them protected.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Chickens need an adequate supply of fresh water, bugs and grass.

They eat small quantities of food throughout the day, leaning towards more protein in the warmer months and more carbohydrates in the colder months. If raising them in a season-less environment, just make sure they get a good blend of protein and carbohydrates. They are very adaptable in their diet, so you should be able to manufacture something they'll eat. Quality of food will influence the frequency of egg laying.


Generally friendly, these birds like to be in flocks. They learn by imprinting, which means that it is important to teach them the propper behaviors for surviving in the environment you have them in.

Surprisingly intelligent, they can be trained to push buttons with their beaks, and some owners have reported that they can be trained to perform routine ship maintenance. It is important to make sure that they learn proper higene behaviors for survival on a space ship before attempting to encourage these more advanced methods, however.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Chickens will form a heigherarchy naturally which is referred to as a pecking order. Those higher on the "pecking order" are allowed to peck those beneath them. By observing which individuals peck and which are pecked, you can determine the social structure of your flock.


Even on Earth, most chickens have been domesticated. Throughout the universe, the flocks that have been cultivated are domesticated.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Chickens and their eggs are an excellent food source. Even the feathers from these birds have uses as insulation!

Away from their native planet, chickens are frequently exploited to perform menial tasks, however they seem quite happy with their lot, especially when rewarded with food.

Average Intelligence

Chickens are extremely intelligent and are capable of differentiating individuals and doing basic math. They learn through example, a method called imprinting, and so you can teach them to do anything you'd like to! They're gregarious and eager to please, especially when learning is rewarded with tasty treats.

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Scientific Name
Gallus gallus domesticus
7 years
Average Height
24 inches
Average Weight
6 pounds
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: by Deleyna via Midjourney


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Jul 14, 2023 18:32

I never thought I'd read an article about chickens, of all things, but here we are xD Love it though! Especially that they are "perfect spaceship pets", reminds me of Moana's chicken animal companion haha   Is the part about being capable of basic math true of real-world chickens too?

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Jul 15, 2023 06:20 by Deleyna Marr

Apparently chickens are very intelligent! While I don't know how much math they can do, the article I read said they are definitely capable of some deduction. If you have their favorite treats and you put two different quantities in a pile, they'll choose the pile with the larger quantity.   You mentioned on stream that you were also working with Earth. The hardest part for me is trying to see our world the way the aliens would.   Thanks for reading!

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I was automatically imagining space Hei Hei shenanigans too! XP Fun article

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Love this. And you gave me a good piece of info for a story I'm writing with a flock of chickens. Gorgeous picture up there!

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Thanks. That's Midjourney. Very cooperative in getting me something I'm imagining when it roughly understands it. And yay for the story inspiration!

Jul 15, 2023 12:44 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Poor chickens, described primarily as tasty. :(   I love chickens. Apparently they have quite the personalities if you get to know them.

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Jul 15, 2023 15:17 by Deleyna Marr

I've heard that. I have several friends with chickens, but the chickens have never taken to me. Could be that I do describe them as tasty. LOL Thanks for reading!

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This is awesome. I know a writer is good when they can get me fascinated about a topic like chickens. Part of that is wanting to learn more and more about how chickens fit into your world, but part of me thinks that you could write about a chickens on earth in totally mundane situation and I'd still be fascinated. Well done!

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THANKS! That means a ton to me coming from you! I respect your talent and teaching abilities so much! I do look forward to working the chickens into the stories more. They came out of my Dimi Mission and Summer Camp prompts, but I think they'll be a lot of fun to integrate into some space travel stories!

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Now I can stop thinking about the incognito aliens that may or may not be somewhere on Earth buying chickens right now :)

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Aug 21, 2023 20:55 by Alex the Creatrix

I love the whole idea of Spaceport, but I have to admit that I was very surprised to see chickens in space. I love the way you take an animal that we think of as commonplace and describes it for aliens for whom it is an exotic creature. Now I keep picturing flocks of chickens running around spaceships pecking at buttons and wearing little tool belts for maintenance tasks.

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