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Earth is an interdicted planet near Lighthouse 42 in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. This planet offers a unique opportunity to interact with a primitive race that is not yet capable of reaching the stars.

Additionally, the various ethnicities on the planet have not established a peaceful co-existence, so you'll be able to see raw behaviors unlike what you would find on more advanced planets. Because of this, caution is advised in visiting the planet. Stay within established safe zones.

Safe zones include most of the planet's oceans and one unique area known as "The Spaceport."

It is The Spaceport that makes this planet attractive for those looking to get a deeper understanding of primitive cultures.

The Spaceport

Local fans of a form of entertainment that hypothesizes what cultures from outside of their world would be like have built an entertainment park where they pretend to be members of alien species. The locals have a firm belief that they must remail in character at all times, because they are looking for an immersive experience of interacting with "aliens."

Many of those at the Spaceport have no idea that those they are interacting with are truly from other worlds.

Native Issues

It is critical to avoid exposing the humans to the reality of cultures from beyond their little planet. These humans, as they call themselves, are extremely insular as evidenced by their inability to get along even with other humans. When exposed to the reality of aliens, as opposed to the fiction that they maintain, they tend to panic, faint, or react in other unpleasant manners.

It is critical not to threaten the humans. As a species, they tend to be fragile both in mind and body.

How to Get There

The easiest method is to take the TREIN to Lighthouse 42 and then to arrange passage to the station in orbit above the Spaceport. Contact appropriate authorities upon arrival and make arrangements to shuttle to the surface. All shuttles to the surface must use cloaking technology.

Once at the Spaceport, you have two entrances. Observant locals prefer that you use the roof access, however limited access through the front door is allowed. Do limit your interaction with the locals to the space inside the Spaceport.

If you wish to explore the local oceans, you must still provide a ship with appropriate cloaking technology and the ship must be able to park under the ocean so as to avoid any encounters with the natives.

Interacting with the humans outside of the Spaceport is strictly forbidden by intergalactic law and will be prosecuted.

What to do There

The Spaceport offers amusing shopping venues, games, and dining experiences. There are a few rides, but these are generally not of interest to spacefaring species as all rides simulate space travel. They can be amusing in their limited understanding of things like inertial dampers and gravitational variations, however.

While the shopping is generally limited to quaint artifacts, the humans who are aware of the true nature of the universe work to make the place welcoming for their visitors from other worlds.

Do not expect any accomodations for those who breathe non-Earth atmospheres or for varying gravitational needs. Bring what you need, take it with you when you go. Don't contaminate their technology.

I Think I Saw a Human!

Humans are a fairly standard bipedal species. As part of the local outreach, some enlightened humans do travel off planet to conferences and to attend educational events, etc. If you see one of them off-world, feel free to encourage them in their efforts to become part of the galactic ecology.

Please avoid pulling pranks on humans. Their native fear of "others" can cause them to react in unpredictable ways.


71% of the surface is covered in water, which creates lovely beaches and beautiful under-water vistas. For water-dwelling species, the oceans form a perfect playground as the majority of the natives have not explored the world beneath their waves.

There are less restrictions in place for exploring beneath the oceans as the humans rarely venture there. However, use caution not to be seen.

Fauna & Flora

Remember that the ecosystem has not been acclimated to explorers from other worlds.

Checking in at the orbital station is required to prevent carrying potentially harmful viruses or parasites onto the planet.

The local ecosystem is rich with many different types of plants and animals, none of which are used to interacting with non-Earth-based species. Use caution, because even the most peaceful of individuals on this planet can turn murderous on learning that aliens exist.

Natural Resources

Aside from its unique cultural exploration opportunities, the planet is an average world.


Approved tourisim exists only through the orbital station with the majority of tourists being allowed entry only to the Spaceport below on the surface.

Due to its unique nature, the Spaceport allows visitors to interact freely with the natives without fear of causing harm to the sheltered ecosystem.

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