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Swimming Rama

Earth cuisine is as varied and competitive as the cultures that make up humanity. If you get a chance to sample some on a visit to the Spaceport, you're in for a treat as they employ a galactically recognized chef who delights in combining primitive human cuisine with more widely recognized ingredients.

This author's favorite is a dish that was created by immigrants from one Earth country (China) to another country (Thailand) and then spread around the planet and considered a native Thai dish. (Don't ask. Humans are weird that way.) The chef at Blue's Bar in the Spaceport discovered the dish and has made a number of variations more compatible with alien palates.

Considered a complete meal, Swimming Rama is served over cooked grain that can absorb the flavor of the rich sauce. For a more native human experience, try using Chicken as your protein and make sure to include a sprinkling of Peanuts on top. Humans traditionally use spinach, a green leafy vegetable, as the main vegetable component, but I've seen some truly lovely Swimming Rama made with the more spicy Eridanian red spinach.

Don't feel compelled to rely on native ingredients. This dish is surprisingly versatile and can be adapted to use whatever proteins, grains, and vegetation you have on hand. I've even seen the humans use a mixture of vegetables giving the dish even more color.

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Basic ingredients:

  • leafy vegetables - on Earth this is often spinach, but can include a variety
  • peanuts
  • tamarind or peanut butter
  • curry paste - an ingredient consisting of the unique spice blend preferred by the chef, ground to a paste with the addition of vinegar.
  • fish sauce
  • coconut milk
  • protein of your choice
  • cooked rice
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