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Humans are the bipedal native sapient race of planet Earth.

For their entire history, until the creation of the Spaceport and their expansion into the Galactic Alliance, the humans have lived under the misguided assumption that they were alone in the universe. Occasionally they would encounter visitors from other worlds, but individuals who reported their experiences to others of their kind were often dismissed as whack jobs or nut cases.

This provided a rich opportunity for alien species who sought fodder for their personnel farming. In particular, the Galeuns took advantage of their isolation to harvest workers from the planet on a fairly regular basis. In this manner, small populations of humans were spread across the galaxy in pockets as slave labor. Victims of this harvesting were often so traumatized by the very existence of aliens that they found themselves unable to comprehend or respond to their capture.

One would think that the Galeuns would have stopped harvesting this under-developed world once the humans began to expand into the Galactic Aliance, but they continued to do so until driven out by the natives.

Unifying Government

Humans do not have one unifying government, but instead are fractured by geographic and national boundaries and ideologies. Researchers question whether humans should even be considered one ethnicity given their aversion to any unifying principles.

Humanity considers itself to be made up of many different competing ethnicities separated by such factors as skin color, religion, and point of origin.

Outside Influence

It is unclear how much influence the Galeuns and other races have had on the development of the human race. While most of their influences have been limited to removing random individuals, it seems that on occasion they have intervened to foster and encourage the humans' mistrust of anyone they see as others, further preventing the culture from unifying and being able to progress technologically to where they would discover their place in the universe.

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