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Transfer of Computer Control

What it is

Computer Control is the heigherarchy of personnel within a facility which determines who is able to give the computer directions.

Transfer of Computer Control is the ritual or process of passing this control from one person to another, or from one team to another.

Much like the ritual transfer of command of a space ship, this transfer of command can apply to both ships and stationary facilities.

Why it exists

The more advanced a facility is, the more elaborate control is required, often relying upon an advanced artificial intelligence that works as the heart of the facility. But who is authorized to give direction to this entity? This level of Computer Control is something that must be maintained and managed in an orderly fashion.

AIs are orderly creatures who thrive on structure and disdain chaos. AIs have been known to refuse orders when there is no clear chain of command.

Potential Problems

What happens when control of a facility is transferred during a battle or by some means that is not orderly and planned? Control of the facility can be lost entirely leading to a shut down or even destruction of the facility by the AI.

An example:

During the transfer of Space Station Earth's control from the Galeuns to the Spaceport Crew Members, a critical juncture occured. The AI became aware of the humans onboard and their desire to remove the Galeuns from control. Their leader, Cordell Klakowicz, perhaps influenced by information from Furlou Melni, learned of the Galactic Alliance interdiction of Earth.

While the Capture of Earth's Space Station was underway, Cordell spoke with the computer, easing its fears and explaining their reasoning for fighting back against the much greater force of the Galeuns. In an unusual twist, the AI reviewed the laws and the Galeun database, finding the writings of Gashan Zimah that documented the Galeun violations of those laws going back thousands of years. The AI sided with the humans in the conflict and turned the inevitable defeat into a win.

This independent decision of an AI to transfer control from one individual to another has led to a number of debates in the Galactic Alliance and is also part of a class action lawsuit that is still in process.

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