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Capture of Earth's Space Station

The Space Station in a cloaked orbit over the interdicted planet Earth was built, owned, and controlled by the Galeuns for over a thousand years before the tiny little Spaceport was built on Earth by a group of youths who liked to pretend that aliens existed. They had no idea what their entertainment venue would unleash.


Seeing the potential for gain, the Galeuns began to advertise the venue and bring visitors to the planet from around the galaxy, claiming that the interdiction did not apply to this venue where the humans were clearly inviting alien visitors.


Over time, a select group of humans became aware of the orbital station and were eventually allowed to visit. Horrified by the condition of the slaves on the station, the humans gradually hatched a plan to take over and evict their Galeun overlords. Coming aboard as contractors, they explored and learned the systems. They became aware of the sentient control system and connected with it emotionally as the Galeuns never had.


With the assistance of the AI and various legal loopholes, the humans eventually led a revolt that shockingly ended in the eviction of the Galeuns from their own station. This success has since prompted other stations to stage revolts with varying levels of success. The Galeuns have taken steps to prevent their AIs from becoming emotionally attached to the natives of other worlds, but the AI from the Earth station retains its autonomy and continues to assist not only the humans, but other races that it comes in contact with.


One of the many fascinating points of this conflict was its bloodless nature. The only casualty seems to have been Galeun pride.

The Conflict


Galeun Space Station in orbit around Earth


The Space Station was turned over to the control of the humans, as represented by the Spaceport Crew Members.


Humans entered the Galactic Alliance as provisional members despite the fractured nature of the planet's ruling systems.

Historical Significance


This unprecedented win by a technologically and developmentally inferior race prompted other cultures to rebel against Galeun rule, causing an upset that rippled across the galaxy, destabilizing the galactic banking system.

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Conflict Type
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The strength of this organization was so miniscule as to be almost non-existent. There were never more than 15 or 20 at the most onboard the station at one time. Even that number was rare.

The Galeuns are a space faring race that exerts a controlling influence in the gallactic banking system and as a result over huge swaths of the galaxy. The station was fully staffed with a compliment of several hundred at the time of the revolt.




take control of the space station
Retain control of the space station and the humans on the planet


  • The Orion Arm
    The Sol System - the system of Earth - is located in the Orion Arm, a fairly minor arm compared with the Sagittarius Arm, which is located closer to the galactic centre.

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