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Spaceport Crew Members

The Spaceport Crew Members are the happiest and most welcoming individuals on planet Earth. The organization makes sure that they are well-cared for so that they can focus their energies on making each being's visit to the 'port memorable and pleasant.

As an organization, this predominantly young group is leading the planet in their entrance into the Galactic economy.




Internally, the organization is made up of 3 divisions:

  • Red-stripe - humans with no knowledge that extra-terrestrials exist
  • Green-stripe - those with knowledge that aliens routinely visit the 'port
  • Gold* - non-human crew members

*Note that Gold is a sub-set of green-stripe individuals.


Ethnically diverse, although predominantly human, the Spaceport Crew is devoted to welcoming and entertaining guests from all over the universe.

Corporate culture emphasizes job satisfaction and overall crew happiness.

Public Agenda

The stated purpose for the Spaceport is to entertain humans and to build an attraction that is welcoming and fun for science fiction and fantasy lovers from all over the planet.


Security forces are trained to handle situations that occur, however, no formal military exists.

Technological Level

Off-world technology augments the available human assets. The 'port is especially advanced in the areas of medicine, transportation, communication, and travel.

Foreign Relations

The Spaceport has acceptable relationships with other terrestrial organizations. Extra terrestrial organizational relationships range from pleasant to significantly hostile to some races who felt they were in the best place to control the advancement of the planet. While officially the government of Earth, a non-existent body, cannot recognize the Spaceport Crew, unofficially the local authorities have found it in their best interest to let the Spaceport Crew continue with their integration into the Galactic economy.

They haven't done too badly. Let's see where they go from here.
— SETI executive

Trade & Transport

All staff are paid a living wage. Green-stripe employees may use transport off-planet for exploratory and educational purposes during their accumulated vacation.


All crew members have at least a basic education. Specialists with green-stripe clearance are offered additional advanced, off-world training.


The Spaceport is the main facility, augmented by a cloaked Space Station in orbit.

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Founding Date
Corporation, Entertainment
Alternative Names
Training Level
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System

The Spaceport functions on Credits, a local currency used only inside the facility. Credits can be exchanged for any financial unit in the Galaxy.

Major Exports

Local Earth goods

Major Imports

Limited to prevent contamination of the species, technological imports occur regularly.



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