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Tanner Liang

Tanner and Cordell have been friends since childhood, so it was only natural for Tanner to become a vital part of the Spaceport. He was there at the beginning, helping to dress the sets for the very first event, the haunted house alternative.

He remembers the first time he set foot in the 'port, dusty and covered in cobwebs, with Cordell gushing about possibilities. It took a few minutes of listening to Cord's ideas before he began to see it.

"Like an amusement park for sci fi geeks," he offered, trying to sum up his friend's idea.


Tanner looked around the space. It definitely had nice bones, but it was huge. "We'll have a lot of cleaning to do. Limit everything to the first floor, and we can probably pull it off."

But that first event was a hit, and the start of an adventure he could never have imagined.

Tanner found his love of props and set dressing, with the 'port being the ideal canvas for bringing his imagination to life.

When the first alien blessed him with simple replicator technology, his job became much easier.

If you come to the 'port and find it an immersive experience, it's very likely that Tanner's work is part of what makes the 'port so believable.

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Current Location
hazel brown
straight black, cut in a business-like fashion
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
golden yellow undertone with light tan
195 lbs.
Aligned Organization

Character Portrait image: by Deleyna via midjourney


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