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The Spaceport

North Park Mall was the dream of Steven Pedersen, Jr., a young architect with a vision of a sustainable community where people would live and work within a modern building. Sadly, he died in a tragic accident before the building was finished. His controlling interest in the building passed to his father.

Purpose / Function

Originally designed as a shopping mall with sustainable housing for employees, it has since been converted to a tourist attraction and entertainment park.

The Spaceport, while intended to be solely for entertainment, has become the heart of the Earth's connectivity to the Universe, with its leadership taking on the crucial role of representing their planet.


The south tower has been renovated to function as a small hotel and the roof structure has been expanded to include gardens and an open area used as a landing space for alien craft.


Featuring large open spaces, glass and steel construction, the public spaces in the Spaceport feel ultra modern despite the age of the building.


The main entrance includes a ticket booth for visitors. Residents and staff have permanent passes. The 'Port maintains its own security force, locally known as the redshirts. Other ground level entrances have guard stations.

The roof level was not guarded initially, but now roof entrances have guard stations as well, manned by redshirts with green-stripe clearance.


The North Park Mall corporation completed the mall and started construction on two housing structures before a newer, larger mall was built nearby, leaving North Park languishing. After the largest investors pulled out, the Mall was closed.

At this point, Steve Pedersen, Sr. purchased the remainding ownership interest in the building.

It would sit vacant for 10 years until the father of Cordell Klackowicz became the building manager.

Cordell, an avid science fiction fan, asked permission to use part of the main structure for an elaborate space-themed haunted house as a fund raiser for a local charity.

To everyone's surprise, Mr. Pedersen agreed to the adventure and even fronted the money to clean up the common area of the building so that it could be used.

The event was such a success that Pedersen and Klackowicz formed an arrangement where the mall would be converted into a science fiction and fantasy park, known as The Spaceport.

Cordell became the CEO of the Spaceport Crew Members, and in 1998 the facility opened to the public.

Pedersen was eager to see his son's vision fulfilled so that the building would provide housing for the workers.

At this time, there was a housing crisis in Silicon Valley. The Staff began renovating some of the spaces in the North tower, creating apartments for the staff.

Over time, the 'Port–as it has come to be called by the locals–has been expanded to include a restaurant, known as Blue's Bar, a number of small shops, an arcade, and other entertainment opportunities.


Science fiction and fantasy fans come from all over the planet to engage in the cosplay events at the 'Port.

Employees of the facility never break character. This creates an immersive environment that delights and entertains. For an extra fee, visitors can stay on site in the newly renovated hotel that boasts ultra-modern conveniences.

Additionally, aliens are allowed to visit the Spaceport and to interact with the humans in this safe environment. Alien travel outside of the 'Port is strictly forbidden by the locals. Only within the 'Port can extra-terrestrial visitors interact with the natives without breaching interdiction on interference with underdeveloped worlds.

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How to Get Here:

With limited parking on site and the state of interdiction, please consider coming via TREIN to Lighthouse 42 and then shuttling to the station in orbit, or parking your private vehicle at the station. Only ships with cloaking devices are allowed within Earth's solar system.


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