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With the expansion of the Spaceport, it has been discovered that a settlement of Harperions once existed on Earth due to an unfortunate crash landing. The settlement survived for 600 years before it was destroyed by a volcanic explosion in 200 BC.

Despite their attempts to remain hidden, it seems they have left traces in human mythology.


The initial inhabitants of Podarces were all adults, active duty members of an exploratory craft that crashed due to engine malfunction. Unable to leave the planet, they formed a society with strict population control that limited the total population to no more than 200 individuals. At any one time, the idealized demographics were :

  • 50 hatchlings
  • 40 younglings
  • 35 middlings
  • 55 adults
  • 20 aged


The government is believed to have been a hereditary monarchy derived from the original heigherarchy on the crashed ship.


By nature, Harperions are fierce. They needed no defences beyond their talons and the weapons they had with them when they crashed.

Industry & Trade

Trade was limited. With insufficient resources on the island, the Harperions did venture into the world and interact with natives on a number of occasions, giving rise to the myths of the Harpies.

Using their ability to fly for long distances, they cautiously interacted with ships at sea, often destroying the ship and the crew to prevent their discovery.

One common technique they used to obtain resources was to locate a fully laden trade ship as it travelled into stormy weather. They would lure the ship into a trap using their beautiful singing voices. Once the ship dropped their sails to try and find and rescue the maidens they heard, the harpies would descend and kill everyone, often consuming the sailors. After they'd removed the ship's cargo, they'd set the ship on fire and send it to the bottom of the sea.


Harperions believe in leaving no trace of their habitation, especially on worlds where they are not native. Little is known of the infrastructure other than that it centered around the crashed ship in the middle of the island.


The colony was left with only what they had in the ship and what they could harvest from the limited resources of the island.


Henderson Island is in the Pitcairn Islands, located more than 3000 miles from anywhere. With no airport, any tourism is extremely limited.


Henderson Island is roughly an oval with a depression just slightly to the north of the center. It is in this depression that the settlement was discovered.

Natural Resources

  • Wood
  • coral
  • potable water

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200 BC

Founding Date
800 BC
Alternative Name(s)
27-350 estimated
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