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San Jose, California

Home of the Spaceport!

As you approach the Spaceport from above, you'll see a large continent known as North America. Closer still, and you'll be over the United States, but don't expect to see the borders from space. The United States is divided into 50 smaller sections called states. On the westernmost coast is a long narrow state called California, known for its sunny weather, beaches, amusements, and high population density in certain areas.

The Spaceport is located in a region known as Silicon Valley. No, there isn't any actual silicon there, but it is at least a valley.

Silicon Valley, a popular hub for computer and technolgical development in the late 1900's, extends to include many cities. Among these is San Jose, named for Saint Joseph, the patron saint of pioneers and travellers, so it is fitting that the Spaceport is located there.


This area of the country was inhabited for thousands of years by the Ohlone Native Americans. These people were known for hunting, fishing, making beads, and weaving uniquely beautiful baskets.

In the 1770's, a string of settlements were set up a day's walking distance apart over most of the California coastline. One of these was San Jose. Each settlement was centered around a "mission" intended to convert the Natives and provide transportation stops along this well-travelled route. Ironically, those leading the missions at that time had very little understanding of the Ohlone people. They believed that all natives made pottery. They reported to their superiors that the natives of this area were artistically challenged as they seemed incapable of making pottery. Sadly, they didn't recognize the beauty of these stunning basket weavers.

In 1821, Mexico gain independence from Spain and California was a province of Mexico. San Jose was the political and economic center of the norther part of California. In 1834, Govenor Figueroa granted the town a charter which allowed it to elect its own officials.

In 1846, during the Mexican-American War, California was annexed by the United States. In 1849, San Jose hosted the first and second sessions of the California Legislature, becoming the first state capital. (The capital was moved to Vallejo in 1852 and then to Sacramento in 1854.)

San Jose benefitted from the California Gold Rush (1848-1855) and became a center of transportation, communication, and agriculture known as the "Valley of Heart's Delight". At one point, the valley was home to stunningly beautiful orchards, but don't expect to see many trees as you come to rest on the rooftop of the Spaceport.

With the advent of computer technology, San Jose became a population center, becoming the center of innovation and technology. It would eventually become the 3rd largest city in California, and the 10th largest in the United States. There are no shortage of natives to interact with at the Spaceport! Just remember, the modern natives are not very good at pottery or basket weaving.

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San Jose, Capital of Silicon Valley, California, United States of America
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