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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership
A total of 260 entries

De la haine vers l'union

Bombing of the Insurgents & Flight to Peace

The Tmezin-Iluyod House War

Dh'Lrug kon Yahnshuuh - The Battle of the Grain

"How 30 dragons protected a town"

The Liberation of Treskkant

Fourth War against the Southern Elves

The St. Bonaventure Skirmish

The Battle of Montiarigioni

Siege of Felkhath - Unification

Diamond Conquest/7th Guardian War

Forming the The Treaty of Trilenius

The Battle of George's Straight

King's Contender Tournament

The Battle of three Rivers

Fifteenth Battle of Azmarin

Lylanaes belháborúja és egyesítése

The Fifth Battle of Rethis

Siege of Trae Yns: The Snare of Rasheki

Melesh & Markor's Twenty Year Feud

The Battle of Helfi Pass

Conquest of the Green Shell astalakians

The Southern Bramble Incident

Invasion of Beta Canum Venaticorum

Legion of the Obsidian Eagle

Siege on the First Flame Church

The Western Passage Trade War

Adiexodo tis Sideron Gephura

The War that Started all Wars

Война Раздела

The Bloodless Skirmish of Gate

Es'ante's Charge at the battle of the blood soaked fields

The Awsrankan Revolution: Battle of Mt Ashblood

The Revelation Intercepts The High Shale

Las guerras Nueznautas - Conflicto militar

The American Colonial Rebellion of 1776