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The Battle for Eridani Prime

After over 200 years of conflict, it seemed the Eridani - Antares war would come to an end. The Eridanian technology had reached a point where it seemed Antarean defeat was inevitable. The Antarean warrior culture had sacrificed their strongest members in the fray for so long, the entire species seemed in danger.

Rather than surrender, however, the Antareans mounted one final aggressive campaign with the purpose of taking the battle to the Eridanians.

Their goal was to take Eridani Prime, or to destroy it.

The Eridanians believed the Antareans were too weak to mount an effective attack. In this one brutal battle, the Antareans, led by Commander Dreena Nelio, proved that they would not be subjugated and that they were far from the weak, conquerable race the Eridanians believed.

As a result, the Eridanians agreed to an uneasy peace, a ceasefire.

How long will it last? No one knows.

The Conflict


200 years of war had driven the development of both star systems. Both systems poured all available resources into their war efforts.

Eridanian scientists developed a new weapon that would give them an advantage. Knowing the Antareans to be already weakened, they prepared to launch this ship-based weapon to destroy their enemy.


The Eridanian military was spread throughout their system on routine patrols.

The new weapon, believed to be a secret, was complete and was preparing to leave the weapon deployment station on the third moon of Eridani Prime. An escort battalion surrounded the moon, prepared to escort the weapon to within firing range of Antares IV, the Antarean home world.

Commander Nelio received word of the weapon from a spy, and with her government's approval, gathered all available ships and resources.


The battle took place inside the Eridanian system, focused around Eridani Prime and their weapon's deployment station.

Commander Nelio's attack force was able to overcome two patrols and subdue them before they could warn their base, giving the Antareans the element of surprise when they came out of hyperspace within the system of Eridani Prime, much closer than was safe.

5% of the Antarean strike force was lost due to the unwise approach, but they gained a significant tactical advantage.

The Engagement

The Antareans arrived weapons hot and immediately began attacking anything in their path.

While the Eridanians scrambled to come to battle readiness, Nelio's forces were crippled the new weapon and send it crashing into the facility that it had just been launched from.

Due to the late exit from hyperspace, many of the Antarean ships that were lost crashed into Eridani Prime causing wide-spread damage.

The Eridanians eventually formed up and were able to enter the battle, but by that point, they'd lost nearly half of their in-system fleet.

Neelio broadcast a demand to the Eridanian home world that they accept a ceasefire or risk destruction from the Antarean's new secret weapon. At this point, a freighter emerged from hyperspace. Neelio explained that she would call in her remaining, non-existent, fleet to ensure that no one escaped the total destruction.

The Eridanian Prince agreed to the terms, and an uneasy peace was formed.

The Antarean freighter left the system before it could be scanned.

Only 30% of the Antarean battle group returned from the mission. While heralded as a hero for ending the conflict, Commander Neelio retired from active duty.

A few months after the battle, Commander Neelio was lost during a trip to Lighthouse 42. It is suspected that she was killed by Eridanian assassins.


Heavy losses on both sides left the two sides ready to negotiate.

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Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Eridanians offered a ceasefire and détente returned to the quadrant.



100% of Antarean forces
Secret weapon Battlion of ships


5% of the battle force lost during the jump.

65% of the force lost during the fighting.

  • Loss of new weapon
  • Weapon facility destroyed
  • 40% of one battle group


Destroy Eridani weapon and force Eridanian surrender

Destroy the Antarean homeworld and end the war

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