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Eridani / Antares War

The origins of the Eridani / Antares War have been lost to time.

It is known that the Antarean people have always prided themselves on their fighting ability. Also known is the Eridanian Empire's propensity to aquire lands that it feels are available or that would benefit the Empire.

Who crossed who? Both sides are eager to point a finger at the other.

What has been most surprising is that the Antarean people have held out for hundreds of years, dragging the war on to a point where it has begun to drain even the Eridanian resources.

The Eridanian Empire has always focused a large part of its resources towards expansion, and so their war machine was renoun in the galaxy before the war started.

Once the war was joined, the Antareans eliminated everything from their culture that would hinder their chances to win the war and maintain control of their planetary system.

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