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Harperion Relay Statue

A 5 ft. tall statue of a chicken with a woman's face, located on Henderson Island.

Built somewhere around 600BC, the statue houses a relay station initially designed as an emergency locator beacon for the downed Harperion craft.

At some later date, the interior workings were altered to control and distribute the programming of a species of nanotick introduced into the terrestrial environment. These ticks are bioengineered and controlled globally by signals relayed from smaller statues spread around the planet.

Aliens manning the orbital space station have taken great care to make sure that humanity does not discover these nanoticks.

Purpose / Function

Originally designed as an emergency beacon, the statue now controls a vast network of microscopic creatures spread around the planet.

The Harperions may have developed this network in order to demand tribute from natives in exchange for favors.

Nanoticks are capable of altering the DNA structure of any creature they interact with.

The Black Death and several other plagues seem to be associated with the nanoticks in some way.

It seems that aliens have been subtly altering human DNA over the centuries.

The statue is unique. It shows much wear. It is difficult to tell how much artistry went into the original carving.


After the Harperions were rescued, some other race discovered the communication network and used it to control the nanoticks.


The statue contains a powerful transmitter and relay tranceiver. It is capable of sending and receiving signals into orbit and then relaying them to a series of smaller statues around the planet.

The exterior is carved from local volcanic rock.

The interior was likely salvaged from the downed ship and then coated in molten rock to conceal it from the natives. Interior workings exceed current human understanding.


Placed by the Harperions as an emergency transponder, it was later converted by them to use as a communication relay station, used to communicate with a series of smaller statues around the world.

When the Harperions were rescued, their settlement and this monument were left to the ravages of the jungle and time.


None. Henderson Island is too remote for tourism.

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