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Internal Revenue Service

Founded in 1862 to collect money to cover war expenses, the Internal Revenue Service has grown into a massive bureaucracy. It is no longer possible to do business within the United States without paying your dues and required tribute to this organization.


A basic tenet of the IRS is that everyone is lying to them.

Agents conduct audits and investigations at random with the assumption that every individual or organization is hiding something. The agency reward agents with bonuses for uncovering these hidden gems.

Public Agenda

Purportedly tasked with making sure that every individual and organization pays their fair share of the upkeep of the infrastructure of the country, the IRS spends vast resources checking the paperwork of the smaller companies and lower-class individuals while offering incentives to the upper class.

Paying taxes is the most efficient way to avoid unpleasant interactions with this organization.

Some have noted a passing resemblance between the logo and the Harperion flag.


  • A seemingly limitless amount of paperwork and legalese that no one can understand

These advanced processes seem intended to ensure job security for all agents while simultaneously making their lives unpleasant.

Technological Level

While computers are a powerful part of modern society, this organization frequently prefers paper. To ensure the limitless supply of paper reports, many of their mandatory filings are unable to be filled out on a computer, requiring the use of pre-printed and shipped, custom designed forms that contain an antique substance known as carbon for transferring marks made on one copy to the copies bound below them.

Foreign Relations

While strictly a national organization, all transactions occurring on United States soil are subject to their oversight.


Each agent must be fluent in legalese. They are sensitized to see mountains of paperwork as a gift from the gods.


Finding a mistake in an individual's return is the height of success.

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Founding Date
July 1, 1862
Governmental, Department
Alternative Names
IRS Agents
United States dollars
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