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Harperion (har-pe-r-i-on)

The race behind the human myths of Harpies, Harperions are insular by nature and resist any contact with outsiders.

Basic Information


Largely avian in appearance, humans see them as a blending between eagle and human.

Their heads and torsos resemble humans, with long flowing hair. They have two arms that are often concealed within the abundant plumage of their two wings. Both arms end in hands that are similar to those of humans, however the nails are longer, extremely strong and sharp.

Two legs each end in a foot with 3 extremely dextrous talons.

Only the females have been seen in public. Males exist, but are more avian in appearance than the females.

Biological Traits

Females tend to be around 7 feet in height with a weight of 100 pounds. Males are heavier and shorter: 250 lbs. and 5 ft in height.

Genetics and Reproduction

Egg laying

Dietary Needs and Habits

Voracious eaters, they are omnivorous but tend to prefer high-protein content in their food.

Biological Cycle

Hatchlings are cute, fuzzy creatures that resemble human chickens. As they mature, the facial and bodily features appear.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Nonexistent on Earth at this time. For a time they lived on Henderson Island in a small settlement known as Podarces. They travelled the world in search of needed supplies but left little visible proof of their existence.

Average Intelligence

Extremely intelligent

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Beauty is seen in the variation of the coloring of their plumage and the length and strength of all talons.

Gender Ideals

Females are intelligent and fierce. Males are ideally docile.

Courtship Ideals

None. Males are herded and shared among the population.

Average Technological Level

Advanced space faring race

Common Etiquette Rules

While males are never seen, it is rumored that groups of Harperions do not travel without at least one male.

Common Dress Code

They consider their natural plumage to be enough clothing for most situations. However, elaborate necklaces and breast-pieces have been seen.

Common Taboos

It is forbidden for the males to be seen by outsiders.

Cultural artifacts are forbidden to be sold or traded to outsiders. Any outsiders having violated these rules are subject to ritual purification.

Common Myths and Legends

Harperion legends abound on Earth. They are associated with storm winds.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions


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180 Earth years
Average Height
7 feet
Average Weight
100 lbs
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