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Harpies Granting Wishes

The harpies were mighty creatures, all female. Their head was the head of a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair. Their body was that of a mighty winged beast. These god-like creatures were known to sing with beautiful voices, often luring sailors to their doom.

Few who saw a harpy directly survived.


If a person carved an image of a harpy, they could make offerings to it in exchange for favors.

While tending these idols, people often reported hearing the lovely voice of a woman requesting a specific offering of food, wine, or other supplies. If the person was quick and careful, they could ask the harpy to grant them a boon in exchange for the offering. The offering had to be left at the base of the idol, and then the devoted supplicant needed to run away quickly.

If the person was found in the vicinity when the harpy returned, she would destroy him and leave his beaten and partially eaten body for others to find. Then the harpy would take the offering.

If the person was not around, the harpy would take the offering and leave something in exchange. Occasionally, it was the item requested by the petitioner.

All harpy gifts needed to be treated with caution. Food might be contaminated or poisoned. Riches might vanish when touched.

If the harpy's requests were not met, entire villages or families could be destroyed by these fierce flying females.

Historical Basis

Evidence found on Henderson Island has led researchers to believe that the harpies were actually the survivors of a crashed spaceship from the planet Harperion.

Variations & Mutation

It is believed that some legends of dragons were originally influenced by Harperion sightings.

In Literature

Greek and Roman mythology both hold references to harpies.

In Art

Around the world, many cultures have Harpy Statues or art associated with harpies. Sometimes associated with dragons or wind spirits, these half woman-half bird creatures were revered and feared.

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