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Prince Mattaeus of Eridani

The most visible member of the Eridanian court, Prince Mattaeus is the voice of the empire.

Despite being considered one of the galaxy's most eligible bachelors, he is rarely seen dating. Rumor has it that he once fell deeply in love, but that his chosen mate was determined to be unfitting. It is said that he has vowed to remain unwed until he becomes emperor and can choose the woman he wants.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong and in excellent health.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Raised as the heir apparent, Prince Mattaeus believes in the glory of the empire. Unwilling to be seen only as a pampered prince, he has served in the active military.

Failures & Embarrassments

His biggest failure was in The Battle for Eridani Prime. While he managed to save the home world of the empire, it was not without great loss.

Intellectual Characteristics

Curious and self-reliant, he has studied many different fields, seeking to become a well-rounded ruler.

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Current Location
reddish brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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