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Eridanian Empire

Run from Eridani Prime, this coalition of worlds is a powerful conglomerate.

While the Emperor is still the ruler of the empire, Prince Mateus has become the face of the empire, travelling to official functions and representing his father in negotiations.

Public Agenda

The Eridanian Empire's stated objective is expansion. They explore relentlessly, looking for inhabitable worlds that are not currently claimed so that they can lay claim to them. As their strength in a region grows, they invite occupied planets in their sphere of influence to join the empire. Those who chose not to are often subjugated by force.


Despite their territorial expansionist goals, most of the Eridanian history was peaceful until they encountered the Antareans. Antares refused to join or be subjugated. The war with the Eridanian Empire continues to this day, however it is currently experiencing a period of truce after the Antareans dealt a serious blow to Eridani Prime.

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