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Orbiting the binary star system of Gliese 65, this world sports an atmosphere only partially habitable by the common species of the galaxy. It has never given rise to a sentient species, although there are a large number of lower life forms spread throughout the world.

This world sports high mountain ranges with very limited oxygen at the peaks.


The lower elevations of Althusia are lush, but vegetation surrenders to the altitude of the mountains.

Highly geologically active, the planet's climate is at the mercy of more than just its seasonal changes.


The few species that have survived on the planet are highly adapatable, demonstrating adaptations not often found elsewhere.


Climate varies dramatically in the different hemispheres and at different altitudes. Some peaks never get above freezing. The intense altitude changes put some of the peaks above the level of moisture formation, causing them to be barren with snow cover only at some of the lower altitudes. The band of snow is fairly narrow, creating an interesting landscape for those who enjoy extreme climbing.

Fauna & Flora

Althusian space bugs developed on the harsh peaks of this world. Like most Althusian species, these creatures are adapted to survive in harsh climates with limited resources.

Natural Resources

The planet has been mined for raw materials such as:

  • water
  • vegetation
  • minerals

It is believed that as the planet has no sentient species and as it is owned by the Eridanians, it will eventually be stripped of all usable resources.


Marginally habitable, the planet was claimed by the Eridanian Empire during an expansion phase over 300 Galactic Alliance years ago. While it did not offer much in the way of rare minerals, it did offer raw materials that could be harvested and exported.

Most well known as the origin of the Althusian space bugs, the nearly indestructible creatures hopped a ride off-planet with one of the cargo haulers.

Since that fateful event, all ships leaving Althusia are subject to thorough search and sterilization to prevent any of the other less useful creatures from similarly escaping from the planet.


Tourism of this uninhabited world is encouraged by the controlling Eridanian Empire.

Note: there is no breathable atmosphere at the top of most mountains on Althusia. Please plan appropriately.

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Owning Organization

Cover image: Althusia by Deleyna via Midjourney


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I'd love to be a tourist on this world! The art work is fabulous.

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Thanks! Midjourney is wonderful for generating art work.   This planet is a little rugged for me, but yes... beautiful. Better see it quick before the Eridanians mine it to oblivion!

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