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Rhonda Dishner

There's a WHAT in the bathroom? What do you mean it molted? Nevermind. Just get Rhonda... She'll be able to handle it.
— Cordell

Rhonda is head of public relations and human resources at the 'port. She is a twenty-something human who believes that diversity and inclusion should apply to all humans, but she draws the line at aliens.

She's of average height, thin, with long red hair. Her costume is fantasy based: she's an elf.

When things go wrong at the Spaceport, which is daily, it is Rhonda's duty to figure out how to solve it or spin it. She interviews potential employees and helps them through their Green Stripe Badge Ceremony when needed.

When a guest causes a potentially world-damaging incident, Rhonda is the one who comes in to clean up the mess and make sure the press knows that it is all just an act.

Have we had a fire drill yet this month? No? Then that's what we'll use...
— Rhonda

While many of the Spaceport Crew Members are enamored with the aliens that frequent the 'port, Rhonda finds them a constant source of annoyance. Given the opportunity, she'd forbid all aliens from setting tentacles, pods, or hooves on the planet.

Her attitude has labelled her as the most likely person to be fired.

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Current Location
long, red
125 lbs
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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