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Rhonda's Office

Without Rhonda, this place would fall into complete chaos.
— Cordell Klakowicz, CEO of the Spaceport

Rhonda Dishner's office is the communication hub of The Spaceport. This unassuming office contains the human resources and public relations facility of the 'Port, coordinating those joining the Spaceport Crew Members and all official information that leaves the 'Port.

Those wishing to join the Crew or learn more about the 'Port contact Rhonda for an official meeting. This versatile individual conducts preliminary interviews here, helping to decide if someone is a good fit for the Crew or not. She also answers community questions about the facility and crafts news releases.

All humans investigating the 'Port for code violations or odd reports of alien invasions eventually wind up in Rhonda's office.

Despite a fairly strong dislike for offworlders, Rhonda manages to keep the Crew organized and functioning well, even when faced by the frequent disturbances to any form of routine that she tries to impose.

Rhonda controls the switchboard of the 'Port's intercom system, much as telephone operators did in the past. She dispatches assistance as needed, and funnels important information to Cordell and the other staff members.

Rhonda also has access to limited offworld communications, including a direct link to Space Station Earth and even the center of the Galactic Alliance via relay.


During the Capture of Earth's Space Station, Rhonda coordinated the human forces from this office.


Tourists are not welcome in Rhonda's office. However members of the media are welcome to make an appointment for an interview.

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