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Space Station Earth

Originally one of a network of space stations built by the Galeuns, this was the first station liberated by the local population and turned over to them officially as part of their acceptance into the Galactic Alliance. The Capture of Earth's Space Station was the turning point in the struggle of the Human population to be seen as something more than barbarians.

Because of its remote nature and ownership by a population barely able to reach orbit, the station is seen as remote and barely civilized.

While the humans are considered part of the Galactic Alliance, they are only marginally aware of Galactic laws and customs. As such, those visiting are advised to do so with caution.


Those living on the station come from all over the galaxy, including a small population of humans.


Controlled by the crew of the Spaceport (an Earth based facility), the leadership of the station is considered to be democratic with elected officials from the different factions that live aboard the station. Depending upon the immediacy of the need, rules and decisions are made either by specific officers over sections of the facility or by democratic vote of all registered citizens.

Operational decisions are made by the Spaceport Crew, however they have a reputation for seeking council from the spacefaring veterans who make the station their home.

The AI that is a critical part of the station's infrastructure continues to manage many of the day-to-day needs and is considered a valuable asset by the crew.


The shopping district of the Space Station includes many shops similar to those found in the Spaceport below. Legal exports from Earth and imports to Earth must come through the Space Station for clearance by customs.


Considered a staging area for those hoping to visit the Spaceport on Earth, people come from all over the galaxy to experience the raw untamed beauty of this area of space.

The chief draw of the station is its access to the Spaceport and the natives below. The humans aboard the station embrace interaction with those from off planet. When visiting the planet, you will have a unique opportunity to interact with an interdicted species in their native environment while not breaking Galactic Law. Tourists are reminded not to leave the Spaceport facility. Wandering freely around the planet is still forbidden as the majority of the native population is still unaware of the existence of their extra-terrestrial neighbors.

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Aug 13, 2023 15:29 by Rachel Bentz

This certainly takes the limits of the 'known' or civilized' world to a new angle; it's at the edge of the 'civilized' world for the rest of the galaxy, and the edge of the 'known' world for Earth! I like the contrast!   I do think there is a little bit of disparity between the description of how the settlement was founded, and actual day to day operations. Key note, that 'most of the population is still unaware of its existence.' I would think that capturing a space station made by and visited by aliens on a regular basis would at least make national news, if not cause an uproar. Even more so if Earth goods and trinkets are being exported to the space station. It may make more sense to say that 'the native population has not yet been trained to politely deal with Galactic visitors' because, let's face it, that's 20 years of lessons in and of itself. (And ties well into the 'being accepted as more than barbarians' line earlier in the article.)   Your CSS is absolutely gorgeous! Gold and blue are lovely pair, and you make them work so well! Especially the Headers, I might have to give that a try at some point.

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Thanks so much for the comment! I know you were busy reading. Been there!!! It is a feature of this world that the locals really don't know about the station. Even after it is taken over by the Spaceport Crew, there are probably only a couple of hundred people who know about it! I'll try to make that clearer in future.   And I appreciate the comment on the CSS. I'm always playing with it.

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