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Commander Dreena Neelio

Commander Dreena Neelio (a.k.a. Blue)

Commander Dreena Neelio was one of the most feared Antarean warriors. She rose through the ranks both by survival and skill. At 20, she was already considered mature by Antarean standards as warriors begin fighting in their early teens due to the duration of the war.

Her success led her to train many of the younger fighters.

In her efforts to end the war, she led a fierce raid on Eridani Prime.

She secured an uneasy peace, but only at the cost of 70% of the Antarean fighting force, many of which she had trained.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

extremely fit

Identifying Characteristics

  • blue skin
  • intense blue eyes
  • webbed fingers
  • long blue-black wavy hair

Apparel & Accessories

  • costume: that of a 1950's diner waitress

Specialized Equipment

  • she maintains a specialized arsenal of weaponry including an Antarean lason, a hand-held weapon that uses both laser and sonic power. This weapon does not have a stun setting.

Mental characteristics


Formerly the commander of the Antarean fleet, she now works at Blue's Bar as the waitress/owner.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Led the most significant battle in the Eridani-Antares war.

Failures & Embarrassments

While the battle was a success, she lost 60% of her battle group, including most of her friends and her little sister. The cost of peace was high.

Mental Trauma

After the win in the battle of Eridani Prime, she began having nightmares.

While it is believed that she stepped down from her command, her government actually put her on leave.

She was sent to a quiet part of space to rest, far from the battlefield. Someone on Antares revealed her travel plans to the Eridanians and she was conveniently attacked soon after her ship exited the TREIN.

Intellectual Characteristics

Highly intelligent. Her education, like that of all Antareans, focused on fighting and warfare.

Morality & Philosophy

Raised in a world at war, she is warlike by nature. While she prefers peace in theory, she's not opposed to killing in order to achieve it.


Surrender and any sign of weakness

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good with weapons of any type and can fly anything.

Not always the best in social situations.

Likes & Dislikes


anything that shoots or flies


any sign of weakness



  • likes to chew gum
  • snaps bubbles when aggravated


Zalu - roughly translates to: "rats." Used as a swear word.

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Current Status
Presumed dead. Actually working at the Spaceport.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
Lives in an apartment at the Spaceport on Earth
intense blue
long, wavy, dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale blue
140 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases

Kill it.

Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Antarean - native
  • Eridanian - fluent
  • English - proficient

Character Portrait image: by Luna Riviera


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