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Commander Antarean Armed Forces

Antares has been at war with Eridani for over 200 years. The war has been fierce, with heavy losses on both sides.

Antarean culture no longer has any use for those not dedicated to the war effort. Few survive to become veterans, and the aged are seen as a drain on society.

Antareans teach their children to fight from a young age. The children are raised without direct input from their parents, being raised for military service from birth. Most parents will return to active duty immediately after the birth of a child. Only occasionally will an Antarean child see their parents, and the state is respected as the parent to all.

Survival is the most important skill for any Antarean, and skill in battle is prized and rewarded. Status on Antares is directly tied to one's prowess in battle.

Commander is the highest military rank in the Antarean system.


Military Prowess


Proficient in multiple forms of combat



Good educator


Detatched, loyal only to the Antarean government


Only the best fighters survive to the rank. Most Antarean promotions are battlefield promotions, so the initial promotion process is without specific form. At the first available opportunity, the individual will be awarded a medal of rank.


  • Preparing recruits for battle
  • Maintaining morale and focus during battle
  • Ensuring that mission objectives are met, regardless of the cost


The commander of an Antarean battle group trains new recruits and leads them into battle.

Must be capable of making split-second decisions in life and death circumstances.

Accoutrements & Equipment

A Commander will carry their choice of weaponry and will have their choice of all available ships. Generally, they are stationed on a large battleship, but may choose to lead from the front in a fighter.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Antarean commanders are seldom removed other than in death.

Cultural Significance

There are only three commanders in existince at any time in the Antarean Armed Forces.

The commanders report only to the Antarean council. All other military personnel report to the appropriate commander.

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Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Antarean Government
Length of Term
From appointment until death
Current Holders
Reports directly to


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