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Lighthouse 42

Lighthouse 42 is located on the outskirts of the Sol system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Owned, built, and maintained by the Cicerone, this serves as a waypoint for travel throughout the Sol system.


Residents are all Ciceronean families with the majority being working class. Each lighthouse settlement has a collection of the leadership class including the Chief Guide currently assigned to this lighthouse community.


There is one chief guide for each lighthouse. Since the Cicerone are nomads, they frequently rotate between the stations with the Primary Guide being chosen by lot. The Primary Guide resides in Lighthouse 1, located closest to where the Ciceronean homeworld once existed.


Lighthouses are protected by Ciceronean weaponry. This includes laser and plasma weapons. While the lighthouses are considered to be neutral, they are also fiercely protected by the Ciceroneans.


Highly technologically advanced, and focused on space exploration, the Lighthouse contains communications arrays capable of spanning the distance between galaxies.

Support facilities always include at least one TREIN that is undergoing maintenance as all TREINS rotate through maintenance regularly. These TREIN repair yards feature areas designated for the engines that are kept farther from the facility due to the volatile nature of the fuels used.

Other facilities are adapted for maintaining and supplying the platforms, repairing any broken clamps, and fueling supply pods as needed.


The Lighthouse maintains a facility for visitors. The work areas of the station are protected from radiation but are not pressurized as Cicerone are most comfortable working in a weightless environment and relying on the atmosphere provided by the suits they wear.

Visitors are warned to pay attention to the location of airlocks within the facility because they are closer to the central area than they would be in non-Ciceronean stations.

Districts are labelled based on their life support capacities.


Lighthouse 42 was founded in Earth year 1531 to watch over the developing civilization in the area and facilitate exploration of the system as several cultures were interested in the potential developing on Earth.


Tourists are welcome on Lighthouse 42, however, most prefer to spend their time on the orbital platform closer to planet Earth. Lighthouse 42 has facilities appropriate for a variety of oxygen breathing cultures and a water filled section for aquatic travelers.

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