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Space Between

The space between the galaxies is vast and rich, constantly in flux, filled with the intergalactic medium that contains the building blocks of the universe. The intergalactic medium is the stuff of life, the remnants of the past and the seeds of the future.

While the space between solar systems and galaxies can be cold, it can also be hot, filled with clouds of super-heated plasma, embryotic suns and the last breath of death.


Everywhere, throughout the universe, the Space Between surrounds and contains everything that is known: the space between planets, the space between galaxies, the space between atoms, the space between beings.

All life is surrounded by the Space Between.

All life comes from the Space Between.

All life ends in the Space Between.

Ecosystem Cycles

Ecosystem cycles of interstellar space are measured in millennia as the shifts and changes are driven by the movement of galaxies. And yet, everything in the universe is constantly in motion, constantly moving at speeds beyond the comprehension of mortal beings.

A supernova throws gas into interstellar space. Radiation floods what in our naivete we imagine to be emptiness.

Localized Phenomena

Super-heated and super-cooled clouds of gas dance through space, interacting and creating deadly pockets of striking beauty. A constant fluctuation of energy flows through and around all things.

Sentience focuses on the things, but magic lives in the space between.

Space itself is alive.

Fauna & Flora

It is believed that nothing lives in the space between, despite it being the source of all life.

Natural Resources

  • Super-heated gasses
  • Super-cooled gasses
  • Hydrogen
  • Star dust
  • The building blocks of life


The space between is not a place that beings go to visit.

Beings travel through this vast darkness as quickly as possible, focused on their destination, seeing nothing of its beauty or dangers, traveling through the supposed emptiness with eyes closed to hold off the terror of the void.

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Cover image: the space between galaxies by S. Dagnello; NSF/NRAO/AUI


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