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Dimi Mission!

As part of Summer Camp 2023, I applied for a "Dimi Mission" - a special mission given to me by Dimitris from World Anvil after an analysis of my world.

I'm very glad that I chose this time to do the mission because Dimitris's analysis of my world showed that I hadn't done enough to build up the Spaceport as a hub of activity. Honestly? I'm still not sure if I've accomplished it! I've added a lot of material to The Spaceport this month, and I've tried to do as much as possible to focus on the intrigue and challenges that exist in the 'port itself.

The first challenge was to decide which area of the world I wanted to expand on. It would make sense for the Space Station to be the hub, however I've always imagined the Earth based Spaceport to be the center of activity. In the end, I decided to focus my attention there as much as possible while still answering the prompt.

I've also commissioned some maps for the 'port which I'm adding to the homepage. Hopefully between all of this, my mission will have been accomplished!

Articles in the mission:

The maps:

Map still under development. Will eventually be interactive.

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